Three Slytherin Marauders
McNair....thought that this was the opportunity he’d been waiting for. Harry and two other boys were alone on the porch – the one had the look of Lucius Malfoy and the other must be the muggleborn cousin. He knew he would have to be quick, but he wanted to kill all three of them and then quickly apparate away. He had transfigured some driftwood into replica of his favorite large axe. If he blocked the entrance to the porch, they shouldn’t be able to get away – a few swings and they would be gone, and the end would be bloodier and more horrifying for Lucius and Severus.

It seemed the perfect time – one of the dragons had left and the other was asleep. He crept forward toward the porch with the boys still whispering about the bloody dragon. Just as he reached the porch a large clawed foot crashed down in front of the entrance, blocking his path.

Chapter 52 ~ 3 Slytherin Marauders  by severusphoenix

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