Happy Birthday Dida!!

"Draco, for goodness sake go and see a magidentist!"  Harry said. 

His blond lover had been in pain for three days, unable to sleep, or eat, he was a miserable Malfoy.

Harry wrapped his arms around his sad, sore boyfriend and began to stoke his hair tenderly.

Draco hated magidentists, he'd had a bad experience with one of his father's Death Eater friends who had accidentally melted a molar and had left Draco in agony that could not even be eased by magical healing.  Draco was now terrified of dentists, he had refused to go to anyone ever since.


After yet another two days of cradling his lover, Harry couldn't stand Draco's pain any longer.  He had to help him.  Spells, potions, nothing seemed to work.  Hermione was his last hope

It had taken two days for her owl to get here; he suspected that it had come by Floo, because there was no way that it looked as tired as it should have.

All the way from Surrey to the other side of the world where they were on holiday

Hermione had helped just as she always did. 

A Muggle dentist.

Clutching the name and address Harry went to find his Malfoy


Draco was trembling; he held Harry's hand tightly

The female dentist was small and bubbly with sparkling dark eyes and a warm grin.

"It's okay hon," she said, kindly, her voice tinged with Antipodean tones

"Hop up on the couch and I'll sort you out,"

Twenty minutes later Draco's smile and his equilibrium was restored.

"How can we ever thank you?" Harry asked

"Just let me watch you two kiss," Dida said, cheekily. "I just need to see that everything is working properly again after the injection made Draco's mouth numb."

"Oh and make sure that you both use tongue!"

Lucie/Quill Lumos