Quill Lumos
Harry Angel
These pics were done for a wonderful story called Dearest Harry: Eileen's Story, by Quill Lumos. Click HERE for a link to the story.
Harry is having a rough time. Stuck in limbo because of a celestial cock up he has to deal with angelic bureaucracy, wonky wings and a true love that you would not believe!
“Remorse at the time of death (as Albus said) might change the results.” As Severus lies dying he wishes that he had been able to do things differently. A certain ex-headmaster cannot help interfering, even from beyond the grave.
Second Chance At Life
After the last battle, Harry is lost and the wizarding world is a mess, so many relationships have changed and so many more have been shattered...
After The War Was Over
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Dearest Harry: Eileen's Story
Snape is on the run, persued by everyone, hated by all. All that is except his mother and one day she calls her son to her house because she has something to tell him, a secret she has never shared. Until now.....

Quill Lumos and I collaborated on a story for the Ides of March Fest, called A Most Peculiar Fairy Tale. The story is slash, so please do not read if this offends you.  We have two versions of the same story, actually, the pics. One set has an explicit pic, to see that one, please click HERE  THIS is the version without the explicit pic. Here is a link to the Ides of March fest on Insane Journal.  

Quill Lumos wrote a great story for her OWN birthday, SILLY girl, you GET pressies, not GIVE.  Here is a pic I did for that story.  MY pressie to her.  Love ya girl :)
HERE is a link to the story.  Password is needed for pic.