Harry removed the scarf and veil from around Corinne’s head, revealing the extensive scarring.

Harry helped Corinne to kneel facing the Healer.

“Do what you can,” Harry said to Draco. He rose and stepped five feet away, leaving the two kneeling as the focal point of the audience’s attention.

Draco nodded to Harry and raised his hands to the woman before him. ((May I have your permission to touch you, madam?))
((Yes,)) Corinne nodded and closed her remaining eye as the young Healer cupped his palms over her eyes and spread his fingers both over the uninjured part of her head and the ugly scarred hairless part. Soon she felt a small tingle at the back edge of her scarring. She remained unmoving, still unable to believe this opportunity had presented itself. The fact that she might be able to have a full head of hair was more than she had ever dreamed of being possible. And if he was able to heal the skin on her face as well…
They walked forward twenty feet and stopped just on the edge of the semicircle and let the assembly take in the image of the two figures: one imposing young man dressed all in black and one figure hidden completely under a cloak of midnight blue. Harry stood regally and cast his gaze over the guests. Most of them stared back at him in shock. He noticed Snape wasn’t one of those shocked speechless. In fact, he looked rather smug for some reason. “On with the show…,” Harry thought.

“I, Harold James Potter, have come to Present to thee the Gifted Draconis Lucius Malfoy. Wilt thou, in fair mind and good conscience, stand witness to his Proving of his Gift?” he demanded imperiously.

“Aye,” rumbled some five hundred voices in response.

“So be it,” Harry replied.
Harry turned to Draco. Harry could feel Draco’s confidence and eagerness through the bond but asked anyway, “Ready?”

Draco nodded once and looked to where he knew his parents and godfather would be standing. He couldn’t wait to see that moment of shock on their faces.

Harry stepped behind Draco and undid the plain clasp on the cloak, making sure to hold the cloak closed until he got hold of the hood. Harry pulled simultaneously at the hood and the body of the cloak, divesting Draco of the garment in less than a second. The gasp was immensely gratifying. To both of them, Harry could tell through the bond. Harry shrunk the cloak and placed it into a hidden pocket in his dress robe. He then turned to look at everyone. Yes, all those dumfounded looks were quite gratifying.
Looking over the crowd again, he spotted Corinne and Adrien where he had asked them to stand. Looking back to Draco he smiled and placed a hand on Draco’s shoulder, pressing him down, urging him to kneel. Draco knelt gracefully and smiled up at Harry. Their interaction caused nearly as many gasps as the initial unveiling and both young men smirked. Harry gave Draco’s shoulder a quick squeeze and went over to his friends, every eye on him.
Potter walked back over to Draco and knelt behind him. “You are a stubborn git," Potter said sternly. The utter silence of the crowd allowed the words to carry easily.

Draco snorted but leaned back into Potter’s support. “This is news to you how?” Severus wanted to snort at Draco’s sarcasm. Obviously his son wasn’t planning on being subservient.

Potter huffed. “Quiet,” he instructed. “Breathe.”
Draco closed his eyes as Potter brought his left arm around Draco’s waist and his right arm up to hold his hand over Draco’s solar plexus. Potter closed his eyes and moments later his right hand started to glow. Gasps and exclamations echoed loudly in the Hall before it once again fell silent. Even Severus sucked in a surprised breath.

Only strongly bonded pairs could shunt magic between them to rejuvenate a drained partner. And only if both partners had sufficient control and focus of their magic. Such skill wasn’t usually acquired until a wizard’s mid-twenties at least. Of course, he knew Draco was sufficiently disciplined; Severus had trained his son himself. But Potter?
Raspberry Jam
by V V C

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