Links to the best stories EVER!
(OK I might be a bit biased since they were written for ME!, but they are all VERY good. )
*whispers* I still think they are the bestest! ;)
FaeryQueen decided to link all like pics.  I was amazed on how she was able to make a on-going story with them. Please check out the following links.

Story based on the Harry/Draco pics HERE

Story based on the Harry/Snape pics HERE

Duochan-the-mpregfan did a drabble for each pic!  Amazing job! Each drabble is PERFECT for that day's pic!

HERE is the link to the drabbles
Quill Lumos is a VERY special friend.  She has been with me through the ups and downs, and always seems to know how to bring me up. I just received the links to this story, and was so grateful that she did this for me.

She did her story based on pics 17, 14 and 24.

Her HP Fandom link can be found HERE
and her LJ link can be found HERE
Ladies I can not begin to say how much these stories mean to me.  I was amazed and touched that you wanted to write for my pics.

You guys helped make this a wonderful Christmas Holiday!!

Only the best,