A Past of Emerald Shadows
by Samathakathy

Link to the story can be found HERE.
Then he heard a sound. It was soft, dampened by something, yet he could still hear it faintly. Focusing on it, it was like someone was murmuring, Turning towards the direction from which the sound came, he noticed that the door of the wardrobe was slightly ajar. Frowning, he slowly came closer. He could hear the murmurings more clearly now. It was a constant litany of ‘I’m sorry’ and it sounded like a child. He carefully pulled the closet door open. There, at the back, sat a little boy, huddled up in a ball. From his size, Lucius estimated he was around four years old. He couldn’t see the child’s face, just his black hair. The fact that the child was wearing a green wizarding robe ruled him being a Muggleborn out....