Snape exhaled in frustration and snatched the boy up in his arms. Startled, Harry instinctively wrapped himself around the professor’s body, and as Snape marched steadily towards the fire, he gasped in fear and buried his face in the man’s neck.

Harry's New Home ~ kbinnz

Chapter 6

Jeffreys grabbed Harry by the front of his robes and all but threw him into the wall. The back of Harry’s skull cracked against the stone, and the world disappeared for a moment in a blaze of white hot agony. By the time he struggled back to awareness, O’Leary had gotten Peterson back on his feet, and Jeffreys was struggling to pick Harry up bodily. “Get his legs!” he ordered Peterson. “Let’s get out of here!”

Peterson obeyed, snatching Harry’s ankles and lifting so that the boy was suspended between the two Ravenclaws. “Hex him!” Jeffreys ordered O’Leary. “Something good and nasty so he quits fighting!”

Harry's New Home ~ kbinnz
chapter 16

Harry's New Home
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Twenty minutes later, the medi-witch from St Mungo’s and the Hogwarts headmaster regarding the sleeping pair with amusement. Harry’s head lay against Snape’s chest, and the Potion Master’s arms encircled the boy protectively. “My wards told me that two of the patients had awakened, Professor, which is why I summoned you, but I see that my call was premature. Perhaps in another hour or so we can awaken all of them, but I’d prefer they get as much sleep as possible.”

“Yes, of course,” Dumbledore agreed, taking a camera from his voluminous robes. “But let me just take a few snapshots before I go. I’m sure Professor Snape will enjoy seeing them, as will the rest of the staff room.”

Harry's New Home ~ Kbinnz
Chapter 30