Title: Always Together, Eternally Apart
Artist: mystkyten
Prompt: 207 - Ladyhawke Snarry
Summary: Voldemort rules the Wizarding world. After finding out about his second in command's betrayal and love for his enemy, he cursed the lovers. Harry becomes a hawk during the daytime while Snape becomes a wolf during the night. They are eternally apart and only see each other for the briefest of moments during sunset and sunrise, and even then they do not have time to touch.
Title: Don't Give Up
Artist: mystkyten
Prompt: 234
Summary: Snape is injured in the final battle and is unable to walk. Harry Potter takes it as his mission to help the man who gave him so much help over the years. But will Snape allow himself to be cared for or will he kick the young man out before he's had the chance?

Title: Photoshoot
Artist: mystkyten
Prompt: Harry is a photographer with a magazine but he has an aversion to photographing people. The magazine wants to have an interview and photo session with the famous actor Severus Snape, who will only agree if Harry takes the photos.