by Aisling
“Come here boy, and give me the Stone.” Quirrell held his hand out and Harry walked slowly towards the Mirror.

The Harry-golem had seen Lily and James Potter in the Mirror. Ryder thought the Mirror must be rigged: he hadn’t thought about the Potters since they died, why would he suddenly want them back? He had a family! Dumbledore really should learn to mind his own business.

It would have been nicer to see Draco in a wedding dress, but beggars can’t be choosers!

The reflection placed his hand in Harry’s trouser pocket and pulled out a roughly cut red gem, the size of a human heart, before putting it back in Harry’s pocket. Ryder felt a weight against his leg and smirked. The reflection gave a mock bow and mouthed, “Ryder Hammond,” before flashing a picture of a blond boy pouting because he was wearing an ivory white Muggle wedding dress, then the Mirror went blank.

He would have to show Draco that image, later, Ryder thought as he turned to face Professor Quirrell.

~ Chapter 4 - Beginnings ~
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